The Kyushu Taiwan Studies Program is an inter-disciplinary initiative of Kyushu University, co-funded by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (ROC).


Our aims

We aim to promote understanding of Taiwan amongst students, scholars and the wider community in Western Japan, through the following activities:


The Kyushu Taiwan Program is operated by Kyushu University's Education Department on behalf of all faculties and departments within the university. It receives additional support from:


Professor Edward Vickers (Program Director) researches the history and politics of education in contemporary East Asia. He also works on history, memory and public culture in China and neighbouring societies. His Taiwan-related publications deal mainly with the shifting representation of the island`s history and identity in school curricula and museums. He is currently planning a new project, involving partners in Taiwan and Australia, which will investigate the politics and philosophy of 'multiculturalism' in Taiwanese education.


Dr. Shiho Maehara (Postdoctoral Fellow) researches nationalism in East Asia; national identity issues in Taiwan; Taiwan and Korea under Japanese rule; and Taiwanese and Korean sentiment towards Japan. She holds a doctorate from National Taiwan University, where she researched the conceptualization of national identity in the political discourse of President Lee Teng-hui during the 1990s. In 2016-2017, she translated into Japanese two books by the current President, Tsai Ing-wen.